Exceptional Care

Northwell is prepared to do what others won't —  to ensure that care locations across our entire system are prepared to fully understand and care for the needs of veterans and their families. Only 2.3% of New York State’s healthcare providers are equipped to meet our veterans’ needs, but we aim to change that.  Northwell is proudly leading the way, by delivering the all-inclusive care — from routine primary care and behavioral health to specialty care — that all veterans deserve. 

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Life After Service

There are approximately 300,000 veterans living in the Greater New York area. Northwell is committed to providing them with the best resources and care to help them reposition their civilian lives during and after service.

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Veterans return from combat with some of the most complex health needs that require new ways of understanding and reimagining solutions. Many have injuries that cause ongoing pain, suffering, and noticeable signs of trauma. At Northwell, we believe every veteran deserves a chance to feel whole again and we’re pioneering solutions that are accessible, affordable and life changing. 

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