See below for fundraising tools to help you reach your goal, and support our Veterans and their families when they return home from service. 

If you need additional support, or have questions, please reach out to Lori Peterson at 516-321-6332 or [email protected]

Fundraising Guide

Click the icon below for a comprehensive DIY Fundraising Guide to help you start your own personal fundraiser.

Sample Communications

Click below to find sample communications for you send your friends and family about your fundraiser.

Facebook Frames

Let people know you are supporting Northwell Health. Go to your Facebook profile and follow these simple steps to update your profile with one of the below facebook frames.

Step 1: Click on your facebook profile picture to update the picture

Step 2: Click on 'Add Frame'

Step 3: Type 'Northwell' in the search box

Step 4: Choose from one of 2 frame options

Step 5: Click 'Use as Profile Picture'


Social Profile Pictures

Download the below images and add them to your favorite social media channel.


Fundraising Posters

Click to download our Fundraising Posters. Use them to promote your personal fundraising event!