A Comprehensive Care Center for Veterans​

In the coming years, Northwell will open and operate a care location designed and created solely for veterans and their families. A single point of contact will coordinate support, training and guidance to help veterans and their families navigate the complexities of their benefits and insurance. The center will be staffed with trained case workerswho are uniquely prepared to see every veteran fully, supporting their situation and connecting them to the highest-quality care.

Veterans Employment Initiative

At Northwell Health, we know veterans can make any team better. That’s why we are taking an integrated approach to not only hire veterans, but to prepare them to succeed through training, career advancement and educational support. We make it a priority to hire qualified veterans, reservists and military spouses, while delivering additional training so they can thrive in their new positions. Last year, Northwell hired over 500 veterans and is committed to increasing that number each year, because we understand how veterans contribute to the fabric of the organization.

The Real Story: Melonie Pernice

It’s easy to see the true perseverance, strength, and compassion of military veterans in Melonie Pernice, RT (R), MBA, who served in the U.S. Army in Iraq. While overseas she shared a devastating moment with a critically-injured soldier who was hit with a bomb. She was with him for his final breath and, at that moment, discovered her true calling for health care. Upon returning, knowing of Northwell’s culture of innovation and momentum — and the potential to change and save lives - she immediately sought employment here.

Melonie was hired, and was almost immediately recognized for the very qualities that distinguish many veterans. She excels with extraordinary leadership, care, compassion and a willingness to innovate with her team as the administrative director of Radiology and Cardiology at Plainview and Syosset hospitals. A 2018 winner of Northwell Health’s prestigious President’s Award, Melonie’s experience on the battlefield makes her a better caregiver and leader in the hospital.

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